Semi-Truck Crashes into Work ZoneA semi-truck crashed into a work zone leaving a tangled mess. WSDOT officials reported the semi-truck accident happened on State Route 3. The engineer of the work zone had to leap out of the way of the oncoming semi-truck. 11 people died in Washington as a result of a crash in a work zone according to reports from WSDOT. 27 work zone crashes occurred in Benton County and 21 in Franklin County. Distracted driving is said to be in the number one cause of work zone crashes. Following too closely and speeding are also said to be two other main causes of a car crash in a work zone.

Work Zone Crashes

In 2017, 710 fatal crashes occurred in work zone areas with 799 fatalities according to Many of these fatalities are likely wrongful deaths that should have been preventable. The following are some tips to prevent a crash in a work zone area.

How to Prevent a Work Zone Crash

Minimize Distractions and Stay Alert

Whenever you are behind the wheel, but especially in a work zone, 100 percent of your attention needs to be on the road. Avoid changing the music, using your cell phone, or other distractions that could distract you from driving.

Obey the Speed Limit

The speed limit drops in a work zone for a reason. Workers may be present and even just feet away. Fines are often doubled for work zone violations to keep everyone safe.

Never Tailgate

Tailgating is one of the major causes of car accidents. A safe following distance is three to four seconds between the car in front of you on good roadways. In a work zone, it is best to increase your following distance to five or six seconds.

Merge Properly

It is best to merge well before the lane ends to avoid a crash. Be aware that traffic patterns can change daily so you need to pay attention.

Change Lanes Only When Safe

Change lanes only when pavement markings indicate it is safe to do so and only when traffic permits.

Be Prepared for the Unexpected

Other vehicles may slow, stop, or change lanes unexpectedly. In addition, workers, work vehicles, or equipment may enter your lane without warning.

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