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Why Are Medical Records Important to My Injury Claim?

After an accident, medical records are important to your injury case. There are a number of steps a car crash victim should take to maximize their settlement value. One of the most important steps is to establish a solid trail of medical evidence to support your injury claim. In an injury case, your medical records serve as evidence that is often used to support your claim and increase your settlement value. While you may be worried about your privacy, your medical records are really the foundation to build a strong injury case and maximize your settlement.

Medical Records Can Be Used As Evidence

During an injury case, medical records will be generated by doctors and other medical providers with details of the medical treatment you have received as a result of injury from an accident. For instance, when you visit the emergency room, medical evidence will be collected for your case. Likewise, during our first visit with your primary care physician, your doctor will be able to determine exactly what injuries or other medical injuries you have experienced as a result of the accident as well as what caused the injuries. This initial diagnosis of injuries is key to building your case. It is important that the medical diagnosis is done as soon as possible following an accident. Failing to seek immediate medical treatment offers the insurance company a chance to argue that you received your injuries at a later date and not during the accident.

Medical Records Tell Your Story

The severity of your injuries is often told by how much follow-up treatment is required or if you need to see a specialist such as a neurologist or an orthopedist. The severity of your injuries, necessary treatment plans, and recovery progress all tell your story and serve as medical evidence for your case.

Once you have finished your medical treatment, your combined medical records and other medical documentation from all providers involved should provide a clear picture of your medical history and greatly help the outcome of your claim.

Medical Records Influence Your Injury Case

Your medical records can serve as leverage against the insurance company you are negotiating with. The more complete the records, the more leverage you have against an unfair settlement. Typically, insurance companies are comfortable letting weaker cases proceed to trial as a jury will be less likely to award a fair verdict without strong medical evidence.

Insurance companies are motivated to settle injury claims fairly when the plaintiff has a strong case with strong evidence to support the claim. Insurers will fight harder when they believe the claimant has a strong case to bring to trial. An insurance company will feel more pressure to offer a fair settlement when strong medical evidence is present.

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