Inspection of Commercial VehiclesThe chief of the Washington State Patrol (WSP) is empowered to make reasonable rules regarding commercial vehicle inspections. This includes inspection requirements, times for inspection, qualifications of commercial drivers, hours of service, required stickers and tags, and more. Additionally, commercial vehicles that are deemed ‘high-risk’ may have fees they must pay during inspections to ensure compliance.

Inspection of commercial vehicles provides safety to motorists and others using the roads and highway system. The inspections help ensure the vehicles are maintained, drivers are properly trained, and high-risk vehicles are put in compliance.

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Washington Law regarding rules and frequency of inspection are as follows:

RCW 46.32.020: Inspection of Commercial Vehicles

Rules—Supplies—Assistants—Prioritization of higher risk motor carriers.
(1)(a) The chief of the Washington state patrol may adopt reasonable rules regarding types of vehicles to be inspected, inspection criteria, times for the inspection of vehicle equipment, drivers’ qualifications, hours of service, and all other matters with respect to the conduct of vehicle equipment and driver inspections.
(b) The chief of the Washington state patrol shall prepare and furnish such stickers, tags, record and report forms, stationery, and other supplies as shall be deemed necessary. The chief of the Washington state patrol is empowered to appoint and employ such assistants as he or she may consider necessary and to fix hours of employment and compensation.
(2) The chief of the Washington state patrol shall use data-driven analysis to prioritize for inspections and compliance reviews those motor carriers whose relative safety fitness identify them as higher risk motor carriers.

RCW 46.32.040: Frequency of Inspection—High-risk carrier compliance review fee.

(1) Except as provided in subsection (2) of this section, vehicle equipment inspection shall be at such intervals as required by the chief of the Washington state patrol and shall be made without charge.
(2) When a motor carrier is identified as a high-risk carrier through a data-driven analysis due to formerly or recently identified deficiencies or violations, the fee for each motor carrier compliance review follow-up to ensure those deficiencies or violations have been corrected is two hundred fifty dollars. The fee shall be collected by the Washington state patrol and shall be deposited into the state patrol highway account. This fee applies to motor carriers already identified as a high-risk carrier or a motor carrier that has been reclassified as a high-risk carrier due to recently identified deficiencies or violations.

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