Transporting Hazardous Material with a Hazardous Materials EndorsementAny driver transporting hazardous material must have received their commercial driver license with the hazardous materials endorsement. This endorsement is nontransferable to other persons and if revoked, the driver may not continue to drive hazardous material.

To receive the endorsement, the driver is required to pass a Hazardous Material knowledge test, have their commercial driving license, as well as pass a background check through the Transportation Security Administration per 49 CFR 383.5. (See Washington State Department of Licensing Commercial Driver Guide for more information). Additional requirements can be found out by contacting your local DMV.  Also, any vehicle containing hazardous materials must have the required placard providing what they are carrying, more information can be found in 42 CFR 73.

The strict requirements to obtain a Hazardous Materials endorsements helps ensure that those who transport hazardous materials are trained and do not pose a threat to the safety of the public.

If there has been an accident with a commercial driver involving hazardous materials the police should be called as well as the:

  • Hazardous Material National Response Center (NRC) Telephone: 1-(800) 424-8802 To report a hazardous material emergency
  • Chemical Transportation Emergency Center (CHEMTREC) Telephone: 1-(800) 424-9300 For technical information about the physical properties of hazardous materials

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Washington law regarding the Hazardous Materials Endorsement is as follows:

RCW 46.25.085: Hazardous Materials Endorsement

(1) The department may not issue, renew, upgrade, or transfer a hazardous materials endorsement for a commercial driver’s license to any individual authorizing that individual to operate a commercial motor vehicle transporting a hazardous material in commerce unless the federal transportation security administration has determined that the individual does not pose a security risk warranting denial of the endorsement.

(2) An individual who is prohibited from holding a commercial driver’s license with a hazardous materials endorsement under 49 C.F.R. 1572.5 must surrender any hazardous materials endorsement in his or her possession to the department.

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