Employees at Parke Gordon Law Firm Have Taken on a Wellness ChallengeThe employees at Parke Gordon Law Firm have taken on a wellness challenge. At Parke Gordon Law Firm in Tri-Cities, we believe that being healthy and fit is a good long-term goal to also feeling good while in the law office. All employees were given the option to participate. Those who wanted to participate received a fitness watch by Parke Gordon Law Firm to keep track of fitness goals. The wellness challenge is to run for seven weeks. Attorney Mat Parke and the other lawyers in our law office and staff are excited for this challenge. We are hoping it will be a fun and enriching experience for all who have chosen to participate.

Wellness Challenges Can Be Fun

WebMD says “Challenges help you discover that friendly competition makes it easier to develop good health and well-being habits.” The administration, lawyers and staff at Parke Gordon Law Firm feel the exact same way. Becoming healthy and developing good habits all start within. However, it is so much easier to find motivation to be healthy when you are surrounded by others working towards the same goal. It is even easier to stick with your health goals with apps available to download to keep track of what you are eating, how much you are working out, etc. Building healthy habits first starts with the motivation to get started. The hard part for most however is to keep going. The employees of Parke Gordon Law Firm are now leaning on each other to keep up the excitement of our wellness challenge.

Setting Goals

Throughout the Parke Gordon Law Firm fitness challenge, participants will keep a record of the goals they have met each day. Every person thought of two wellness goals they would like to improve for the next seven weeks. Participants did not have to tell anyone their goals, but they do have to say if they met their goals or not each day. For each goal met, one point is rewarded. If a participant meets all goals for six days of the week, they are rewarded an extra four points for that week. So far, employees have had fun with the challenge and are excited to be bonding in such a way.

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