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Two Steps When Emerging from an Alley, Driveway, or Building

If you need to drive from an alley, driveway, or building to the roadway then there are two steps you are required to take.

First, before you enter onto the sidewalk you must stop and look both ways for pedestrians.  If there are pedestrians, then you must stop and yield the right of way to the pedestrians. This includes individuals who are walking, running, biking, etc.

Second, once you have yielded to pedestrians and are clear to proceed onto the sidewalk then you must look to see if there are approaching vehicles before entering the roadway.  If there are vehicles approaching then you must yield the right of way prior to entering the roadway.

These requirements are not a choice for when you feel like yielding the right of way.  You are required under Washington Law to abide by these rules in every scenario when you are going from an alley, driveway, or building onto the roadway.

The Rules of the Road mandating your obedience is as follows:

RCW 46.61.365: Emerging from alley, driveway, or building

The driver of a vehicle within a business or residence district emerging from an alley, driveway or building shall stop such vehicle immediately prior to driving onto a sidewalk or onto the sidewalk area extending across any alleyway or driveway, and shall yield the right-of-way to any pedestrian as may be necessary to avoid collision, and upon entering the roadway shall yield the right-of-way to all vehicles approaching on said roadway.

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