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Dog Bite Attorneys in Kennewick

The dog bite attorneys and lawyers of Parke Gordon Law Firm in Tri-Cities, Washington can get you the compensation you deserve from injuries suffered from a dog bite. Our dog bite lawyers will fight for you to obtain the highest possible settlement to fairly compensate you for injuries due to a dog bite injury. We are trusted, aggressive and experienced attorneys in the Tri-Cities area seeking to help dog bite victims. Our clients love us and you will too. Read our Tri-Cities injury client reviews here.

Injuries Caused by Dog Bites

Dog bites pierce the skin and can leave permanent scars and disfigurement. Many bites happen on visible places like the face, hands or arms and can cause embarrassment and humiliation to the dog bite victim. Dogs often attack children and those children suffer mental and emotional trauma following the attack. Dog owners are responsible to keep their dogs under control and to prevent their dogs from biting people. Our dog bite attorneys and lawyers will ensure that dog owners are held accountable for the injuries and damages caused by their negligence in failing to prevent their dogs from biting innocent victims.

How a Tri-Cities Dog Bite Injury Attorney Can Help

Dog bite attorneys can help victims that have been attacked by a dog by fighting to get the victim the compensation they deserve. According to the American Pet Products Association, there are 70 to 80 million canine pets throughout America. That means between 37 percent and 47 percent of American households own a dog. While it is great to have a dog as a companion and a member of the family, owners need to be aware that they are 100% responsible for the behavior of the dog. That means keeping the dog under control and preventing them from biting people.

5 Common Warning Signs Before a Dog Bites

Noticing warning signs before a dog bites could save you from potential scarring injuries. To protect yourself, always assume that a dog is NOT friendly and will bite. Though it may be tempting to want to pet this fluffy friend, walk away. Many dogs have been trained not to bark or growl which are the obvious signs a dog is in distress or about to bite. For this reason, you must we wary of going near strange dogs even when the owner is present. Be aware of your body language when near a dog by staying calm. The following are five common warning signs before a dog bites.

  1. The dog is making direct eye contact with you.
  2. Showing teeth.
  3. Ears perked.
  4. Low rumbling growl.
  5. The tail is up or even wagging stiffly. Many people believe a wagging tail means a dog is happy. Wagging really only indicates high energy.

What to Do if a Dog Attacks

In the unfortunate situation a dog attempts to bite you, protect yourself with anything possible. When the dog goes to bite, shove something in his/her mouth before they get to your arm, leg or face. If the dog does bite you avoid pulling away and try not to panic. By yanking yourself away the dog will only bite down harder and cause tearing. Try shoving something else in the dog’s mouth so they will release. This will act as a gag for the dog and they will let go. A dog’s mouth can be dirty. If you’ve been bitten by a dog, be seen by a medical professional to avoid infections. Even a minor bite could lead to many other medical issues.

Tips to Protect Your Kids from Dog Bites

School-age children are old enough to understand basic principles that could help to avoid a dog bite. Consider teaching the following.

  • When a dog approaches you, do not run away. Running will only make the dog’s natural instincts want to chase you.
  • Let a dog sniff you before you pet it.
  • Do not scream or run from a dog.
  • Avoid approaching unfamiliar dogs.
  • Do not play with a dog without an adult around.
  • If a dog is eating, sleeping or tending to puppies, leave the dog alone.

Why a Dog Bites

There are several reasons a dog could bite. A pet owner is liable for the actions of their dog, especially after a dog bite. It is important for dog owners to understand dogs are pack animals. Much of a dog’s behavior is based on pack instincts. Before introducing a dog to an area with young children, pet owner’s need to understand this concept.

A few common reasons for a dog to bite include the dog feeling:

  • Startled
  • Injured
  • Sick
  • Views a child as prey

Most dog bite injuries are from dogs that are familiar with the child.

“Strict Liability” for Dog Bites in Washington

Washington law has what is called “strict liability” for dog bites. This means that the owner of any dog that bites someone in public or lawfully on private property is generally liable for the injuries caused by the dog bite. A dog owner may be liable the first time his or her dog bites, even if the owner did not know and had no reason to know the dog might bite someone. This contrasts some states that have a “one-bite” rule, which requires a dog owner to know or have reason to know that the dog is dangerous before he or she can be held liable for damages. Serious injuries and illnesses can develop from dog bites. Washington’s strict liability for dog bites helps ensure victims of dog bites are compensated for their injuries by holding the owner liable for the injuries.

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Dog Bite Laws in Kennewick, Washington

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Dog Bite Laws in Kennewick, Washington

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