Washington Civil Rule 79: Books and Records Kept by the ClerkWashington civil rule 79 provides that the court clerk’s office is to maintain a permanent and public record that lists cases that are ‘pending’ before the court – meaning they have not been decided.  The list is to clearly show what additional action is to be taken by any party or counsel to the case.

For example, when a Complaint in a Dog Bite Injury case is filed with the court with service having been made on the Defendant, the list may show that the next action to be taken is for an Answer to be filed by the Defendant.

Additionally, the clerk is to provide the list to the judge on the first Monday of every month and if there is a visiting judge they are to provide the list by mail to the visiting judge.

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Washington Civil Rule 79: Books and Records Kept by the Clerk

(a)  Civil docket.  [Reserved.]

(b)  Civil judgments and orders.

(1)  Generally.  [Reserved.]

(2)  Entry of judgment in journal.  [Reserved. See RCW 4.64.030.]

(3)  Judgment roll.  [Reserved. See RCW 4.64.040 [Repealed].]

(4)  Identification of judgment roll.  [Reserved. See RCW 4.64.050 [Repealed].]

(5)  Execution docket.  [Reserved. See RCW 4.64.060.]

(6)  Entry of verdict in execution docket.  [Reserved. See RCW 4.64.020.]

(7)  Entries in execution docket.  [Reserved. See RCW 4.64.080.]

(8)  Transcript of justice docket.  [Reserved. See RCW 4.64.110.]

(9)  Entry of abstract or transcript of judgment.  [Reserved. See RCW 4.64.120.]

(10)  Abstract of judgment.  [Reserved. See RCW 4.64.090.]

(11)  Abstract of verdict — Cessation of lien.  [Reserved. See RCW 4.64.100.]

(c)  Indices; calendars.  [Reserved.]

(d)  Other books and records of clerk.  [Reserved.]

(e)  Destruction of records.  [Reserved. See RCW 36.23.065 and GR 15.]

(f)  List of pending decisions.  The clerk of each county shall maintain a permanent, public record showing each case submitted to a judge and not yet decided. Said list shall clearly show what, if any, further action is to be taken by any party or counsel and when said action should be taken. Said list shall be called to the attention of every judge in said county on the first Monday of each calendar month. Any case which shall have been submitted to any visiting judge and not yet decided shall be called to the attention of such visiting judge by mail on said dates.

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