What to do After a Semi Truck AccidentAfter a semi truck accident there are certain things to do and ways to act that can help your case. Semi truck accident cases seem to be more common. In fact, 4,000 people were killed and over 100,000 were injured as a result of a semi truck or large truck accident in 2012. An accident involving a large truck be that a semi truck, a big rig or an 18 wheeler usually has dramatic injuries if not death. It is highly likely that if you walk away from a semi truck accident there will be large medical bills and significant property damage. Hiring an experienced semi truck accident attorney at Parke Gordon Law Firm to know your rights and how to take the correct steps to receive the compensation you deserve.

After a Semi Truck Accident

It is important to know what to do after a semi truck accident. Follow these helpful tips.

  1. Call 911 to report the truck accident and receive ambulance help if anyone is hurt. Filing an official police report helps your case to have official documentation of the accident.
  2. Do not move your car. Never move your vehicle after the event of an accident unless you are in direct traffic. If there is any question as to who was at fault for the accident you will want the police to see exactly where your vehicle is positioned as well as evidence such as skid marks, tire tracks, and anything else to reconstruct the accident.
  3. Stay calm. You do not want to say things to the other driver in the heat of the moment. Doing so could hurt your case later on.
  4. Gather information. Semi truck companies are required by federal law to keep documents about their trucks and their drivers but after a period of time they may destroy those documents. You need to hire a semi truck attorney immediately after a truck accident. Evidence needs to be preserved that can be used to demonstrate that the trucking company and its driver were negligent.
  5. Don’t admit fault.
  6. Find witnesses. Gathering statements from others who saw the accident can be helpful to your case.
  7. Take pictures of the accident. Gather pictures of all vehicles involved, injuries suffered, anything that may help your case.
  8. Receive the medical help you need.
  9. Hire personal injury attorney Mat Parke.

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